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  • Nigel Daly

    Contributing sermons since Dec 14, 2015
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Tunbridge Wells, *Province/Other TN3 0PD
01892 861187

About Nigel
  • Education: Nigel has a Masters Degree in Leadership, Bachelors Degree in Theology, Diploma in Pastoral Studies and Diploma in Adult Teaching. He is alos a qualified business and life coach.
  • Experience: Nigel has been involved in church leadership for over 30 years, and been a lay minister in the Church of England for the last 15 years. He is also deputy warden of lay ministry for the diocese of Rochester (UK). He loves preaching and teaching and helping others understand and apply the Bible in their lives, and developing leaders and leadership teams.
  • Family: Nigel is married to Lorna, a nurse, and has 3 grown up children.
  • Hobbies: My wife and I love walking in the countryside and are currently one third through walking to South Downs way.
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  • Hope For The Future

    Contributed on Dec 14, 2015
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    Zephaniah offers powerful hope for the future: hope of forgiveness, hope of freedom from fear, hope of salvation and hope of love

    Sermon - Zephaniah 3 v14-20 How hopeful are you for the future? According to a survey of British people at the end of 2014 only 34% of us thought 2015 would be better than 2014 with 42% expecting it to be the same and 18% expecting it to be worse. How hopeful are you for the future? Maybe the ...read more