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Paul's church

The Valley Worship Center
Dayton Ohio , 45432

About Paul
  • Education: Paul "Woodie" Fultz and his wife, Renée, are both graduates of Ohio Christian University holding Bachelors of Arts degrees.
  • Experience: Pastor Woodie was raised in a ministers home and began his ministry at his parents side a young child. His parents sang and evangelized all over central and southern Ohio during his childhood and he began participating in the music ministry at a very young age. As a teenager, he served in leadership with the youth ministry of his dad’s church and traveled as a singer/musician through various outlets. He served in the Churches of Christ and Christian Union as Youth Minister, Christian Education Director, and Minister of Music through 1980. Feeling led of the Lord, he joined the Church of God where he continued to serve in the same capacities. In 1990 he joined his dad in the early formation of a home discipleship group and later was asked to lead that church as pastor. That church came to be known as The Father’s House. In 2008, The Father’s House joined with another congregation to form a new church called The Valley Worship Center.
  • Family: Pastor Fultz, know as "Woodie" by his friends and family, has been married to his wife since 1978. They have three adult sons who work side by side with them in the ministry. Pastor Woodie is a third generation preacher and his sons are preparing to be the forth.
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