• Ray Swift

    Contributing sermons since Sep 11, 2003
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First Baptist Lafayette
Alexandria, Louisiana 71303

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  • Behold And Believe

    Contributed on Apr 23, 2023

    Many Christians are fascinated with new material things but how many Christians get excited about new spiritual things. God wants to do something new and extraordinary in every believer's life and in every church every day.

    Behold & Believe Isaiah 43:18-19 Intro.: Good morning and thank you for the honor I have of being here today and sharing God’s Word. I also want to thank you for your support and cooperation through the Cooperative Program. It’s my joy to serve Louisiana Baptists as the Director of Pastoral more

  • Weary - Yet Pursing

    Contributed on Jul 12, 2022

    In a time in which things seem to be overwhelming and discouraging, by being obedient to God and His purpose for our lives we can keep pursing.

    FB. Vidalia July 10, 2022 Sunday AM Weary -- Yet Pursuing! Judges 8:4 Intro.: Good morning FB, Vidalia. Great to be back and worship with you here in the summer. My wife Diana and Son Tyler and his girl friend Kelly are all with me as well. Open your copy of God’s inspired and holy word to Judges more

  • Weary -- Yet Pursuing

    Contributed on May 3, 2021
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    Many of us are weary and tired from the pandemic and other difficulties in life. As weary, broken and frustrated as we may feel, we cannot and must not slow down or stop. We can still be obedient to the Lord's work in our own lives and churches with the promise the Lord will be there with us.

    FB, Youngsville April 25, 2021 Sunday AM Weary -- Yet Pursuing! Judges 8:4 Intro.: LBC GREETINGS/THANK YOU. On January 30, 2020, the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak of COVID-19 to be a Public Health Emergency of International Concern and issued a set more

  • The Worst Of Sinners

    Contributed on Nov 8, 2019
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    FBL October 20, 2019 Sunday Morning The Worst of Sinners I Timothy 1:12-17 Intro.: Printed in your sermon notes are these words: CHRIST JESUS CAME INTO THE WORLD TO SAVE SINNERS – AND I AM THE WORST OF THEM. Say that. If you ever said those words or words like them and truly meant them then you more

  • The Tolerance Of Sin And The Absence Of Authentic Worship.

    Contributed on Mar 17, 2018

    What Leviticus teaches us about entering the Old Testament Tabernacle in an unworthy manner is to teach us about entering the New Testament house of worship in an unworthy manner.

    FB, Lafayette February 11, 2018 Sunday Morning The Tolerance of Sin and the Absence of Worship Leviticus 16:1-2 Intro.: This year many of you are using the “Read Through the Bible” reading guide provided by the church. Many of you as well are taken advantage of the videos on the church more

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  • A Little Gift Is On The Way

    Contributed on Dec 2, 2009
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    A LITTLE GIFT IS ON THE WAY A lady waited until the last minute to send her Christmas cards. She rushed into a store and bought a package of 50 cards without really looking at them. She rushed home, signed and addressed 49 of them without really looking at them. On Christmas Day when things more