• Richard Wayne Wiggins

    Contributing sermons since Jul 31, 2016
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Charleston, South Carolina 29407

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  • Education: BA and MA from Luther Rice Seminary.
  • Experience: 19 years as a Pastor.
  • Family: I have a wife and three adult children
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  • Overcoming Anxiety And Worry

    Contributed on Jul 31, 2016
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    In these two verses God gives us a formula to practice to overcome anxiety and worry. Four words that begin with the letter R will help you to learn to have peace even when circumstances are not peaceful. Realize, Reach, Release and Rest.

    I. Realize (v. 6) "Be anxious for nothing" We must first come to the place that we know that we are anxious. The Bible says our hearts are deceptive. Sometimes we do not know what is bothering us. Some people show anger. Some get depressed. Underlying these emotions might be anxiety and more