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Rick Doucette

Contributor since: Mar 24, 2007
Denomination: Calvary Chapel

Rick's church

Calvary, The Brook

Grand Terrace California , 92313

About Rick Doucette

Education: Raised up at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside california under Pastor Greg Laruie! Trained up in pastoral ministry as well as large scale evanglistic ministry. Served as associate Pastor for 9 years and Harvest Crusade director for 4 years before leaving to pastor calvary, the brook.

Family: Married 20 years to Kathy Son Andrew 17 Daughter Miranda 12

Best advice given to me about preaching: Keep It simple and relevant!

Books that have had an impact: Mere Christianity- CS lewis The Making of a man of God- Alan Redpath Knowing God- JI packer The pursuit of Holiness- Jerry Bridges The pursuit of God - AW Tozer Stop dating the church- Joshua Harris

Hobbies: Running, working out at the gym and reading!