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Rick Finitzer

Contributor since: Jun 10, 2008
Denomination: Evangelical Free

Rick's church

Cornerstone Church of Yuba City

Yuba City California , 95991

About Rick Finitzer

Education: After finishing a his degree in Biblical Studies from Grace College in Winona Lake I then attended Grace Theological Seminary leaving before completing my M.Div. because of family needs and a call to serve as a missionary with Child Evangelism Fellowship.

Comment to those looking at my sermons: I hope they help you love the Savior more!

Family: Rick and Janet have five children. Our oldest daughters Aimee & Alison are twins. Aimee is a graduate of Seattle Pacific University and living in the Seattle Area working at Kidspace. She is currently applying to various Grad Schools to pursue a Masters Degree in Special Ed. Alison is a graduate from Gordon College in the Boston area and is living in Beverley, Massachusetts working with Children with Autism at Winthrop School for the Hamilton-Wenham Regional School District as the Intensive Primary Program Teacher. She is working on a Masters Degree at Simmons College in Boston in Special Education. Our son Matthew, graduated from The University of Washington 2008 and is engaged to be married June 2009 to his High School sweetheart, Julie Nguyen who is a senior at Seattle Pacific University. Our daughter Jenny is a junior at Berkeley. She is currently planning on going to Korea as part of the Berkeley Study abroad program this fall. Our youngest daughter Ellen is a sophomore at Humboldt State University. Rick and Janet have been married for 29 years. Rick is a graduate of Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana. Janet is a graduate of Wheaton College and currently is teaching English at Sutter Union High School.

Best advice given to me about preaching: In the end, So What? How have I helped people to know God’s Word accurately and know God more intimately.

Hobbies: Reading - Photography - Electronics and Aquariums

Something funny that happened while preaching: Years ago I looked out while preaching at a church full of mature saints to see over 1/2 of them asleep. Obviously they loved the LORD, loved one another and yet their age and health kept them from staying awake.

What I want on my tombstone: He was faithful untilt he end!