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Ryan Reed

Contributor since: Nov 9, 2007
Denomination: Church of God

Ryan's church


Big Sandy Montana , 59520

About Ryan Reed

Education: I hold a undergraduate degree in Education (emphasis in Behavior Disorders) and a MA in Biblical Counseling from Calvary Theological Seminary (Kansas City).

Comment to those looking at my sermons: Filter everything through the Word of God. Take nothing for granted. I have attempted to hold fast to the integrity of God’s Word, but I am but a man and may have erred. Please use these sermons to encourage and strengthen your ministry, but follow the Holy Spirit’s guidance as you dig in His Word. I have tried to credit all sources when possible. Please do the same.

Family: I am supported in ministry by my wife, Kristen and my daughters: Danielle (13), Kaitlyn (11), Mikayla (6), and Briana (2). We have been led to homeschool the girls according to Deut 6.

Best advice given to me about preaching: Stick to the Word

Books that have had an impact: Competent to Counsel - Jay Adams Biblical Counseling - John MacArthur Twelve Ordinary Men - John MacArthur The Vanishing Conscience - John MacArthur Curing the Heart - Howard Eyrich Traveling Light - Max Lucado Marriage God’s Way - Henry Brandt Knowing God - J. I. Packer Living by the Book - Howard Hendricks

Hobbies: I enjoy working with my hands. Remodeling, renovating, or home additions have frequently been in progress.