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  • A View From The Wheel

    Contributed by Thomas Bowen on Mar 5, 2011
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    A view form the potters wheel makes human clay feel dizzy and pushed around. We think we see the truth but the best view is form the potter's perspective and the shaping that happens with His firm and creative hands.

    A view from the wheel Jeremiah 18-1-6 So, this week I had that dizzy feeling that clay might have as it is centered on the potter’s wheel. The potter starts to spin the wheel and shaping the clay. I started to consider how much of my life is remembered as a blur. Christmas’ and more

  • Who To Invite?

    Contributed by Thomas Bowen on Feb 13, 2011
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    We want to control the cost of inviting people to an event. We don't know why people need an invitation to our church, so we don't accept the cost of inviting outsiders into the church.

    Who to invite? It is pretty amazing how many special occasions all of us are involved in. There are birthday parties and graduation parties, block parties , retirement parties, 4th of july, labor day. I have been blessed as a pastor to be involved in lots of special occasions for families. more

  • Just A Little More, God. Series

    Contributed by Thomas Bowen on Feb 13, 2011

    We always think just a little more money or time or friends would make things better. Very few of us long for a little more God to help us to live better.

    Today we are adding one additional view to the series that is inspired by: Isaiah 29:13 The Lord says: "These people come near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship of me is made up only of more

  • Independence Day

    Contributed by Thomas Bowen on Feb 13, 2011
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    Celebrating the the prize of independence and freedom before the reality is in hand.

    Independence Day This weekend many people are celebrating Independence Day in a variety of ways. Many have taken extra time off from work and are traveling. Some are taking a special opportunity to visit family. Others just stay home and perhaps watch the John Wayne marathon on TV. There is a more

  • Offensive Nature Series

    Contributed by Thomas Bowen on Feb 13, 2011

    The culture has problems with all kinds of authority. They question when anyone finds authority in the Bible and are offended when anyone else does.

    Offensive Nature Today we are going to examine another of the many problems our culture has with Christianity. There are a lot of intelligent and well educated people that have firm opinions about people/Christians that claim the Bible as the central truth of faith. Perhaps I need to be more

  • Nonsense!

    Contributed by Thomas Bowen on Jan 15, 2011

    Stories of life seem to be nonsince. The Easter message isses like it could be too. How does the story seem to us today?

    Life is filled with things that don’t make since. Terrorist attacks, Earthquakes, storms, floods, untimely death….death in general, cancer, Farfignugan, IRS Rules…. Hush, little baby, don’t say a word, Mama’s going to buy you a mockingbird, …. Agatha more

  • The Boy With Two Moms.

    Contributed by Thomas Bowen on Jan 15, 2011
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    Mother's Day - Moses had two moms with two different expirences. Men on the outside looking in to the relationship.

    The boy with two moms. Let me start off our time together with a simple illustration of a man’s perspective. This is a JOKE…I thought it was just a tiny bit funny…I also thought it was a uncomfortably true illustration of some extremely rare and perhaps even extinct more

  • We Walk The Line

    Contributed by Thomas Bowen on Jan 15, 2011
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    Dealing with sin during the season of Lint. Jesus demonstrated how to deal with temptation.

    Last week I pointed out that we were in the Christians season of Lent. The message last week was an encouragement for all of us to deal with the sins in our life. That is sort of the message of the sermon every week. But last week the point was not related to the big sins but to the smaller sins more

  • Can You Hear Me Now? Series

    Contributed by Thomas Bowen on Jul 17, 2010
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    Are we really open to God, cna we hear his voice.

    Last week we looked at the Jeremiah scripture where Jeremiah was instructed to go watch a potter at work and he would receive a word from God for the people of Israel there. The scripture describes the potter as being in control. His has the power and more importantly a vision for what is good more

  • What Cha Buildin?

    Contributed by Thomas Bowen on Mar 4, 2010
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    Celebration what we do in church work buit in the work of the church. Gifts make the churh move forward.

    What Cha Buildin? So here we are out side this morning enjoying the weather and the setting which is really only unusual because we don’t actually hold many worship services outside. I considered what kind of a message that holding church on the side of a busy road and rail road line more

  • New Signs Of An Old Story

    Contributed by Thomas Bowen on Mar 4, 2010

    Our world is filled with all kinds of signs...the Bible tells of other signs.

    New Signs of an old Story I guess I will share with you that I can sometimes be directionally challenged. I don’t really get worried about being lost…I am not sure that most to the times I take an original route to some place that I would ever say I was really lost. I have told more

  • What Are You Afraid Of?

    Contributed by Thomas Bowen on Mar 4, 2010
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    What should Christians be afraid of.

    What are you afraid of? Matthew 8:23-27 Being a man I hate to admit that I might be afraid of any thing. So my first reaction to talking about fear is to tap into my childhood. My physical childhood, I still am mentally child like. I was probably afraid of the dark, and lots of other more

  • Going Through The Motions

    Contributed by Thomas Bowen on Mar 4, 2010
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    John warns peopel of the comming of God. He is direct and pounds guilt into his hearers.

    Going through the motions Luke 3:7-18 We are now at the third Sunday of advent, already two full weeks into the new year…the Christian new year. This is a time of preparation for almost everyone around us. The Jews are already in their season of Chanukah -- the eight-day festival of more

  • I Thought He Was With You

    Contributed by Thomas Bowen on Mar 4, 2010
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    What happens when Joseph and Mary loose the son of God?

    Luke 2:41-52 Whew, Christmas is over for another year. As always there is a big buildup and in the period of 24 hours all the spending, giving and receiving are suddenly over. Except for the ones that need to exchange things or received gift cards. Their receiving is extended just a more

  • New Possibilities!

    Contributed by Thomas Bowen on Sep 4, 2009
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    Who does God position to serve in the kingdom? What qualification does a person need?

    New possibilities! Acts 8:26-40 We have been talking about a vision for our church. I made some general suggestions about hot important it is to find what our earthly vision, That it should be found by looking at God’s vision as found in scripture. Last week we looked at a parable of more