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Tim Wallace

Contributor since: Jan 29, 2009
Denomination: Baptist

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Tim's church

Cross Brand Cowboy Church

Bentonville Arkansas , 72712

About Tim Wallace

Education: Tim graduated from Southwestern Baptist Seminary in Ft. Worth Tx with a Graduate diploma of theology.

Family: Tim is married to DiAnna and they have one girl.

Best advice given to me about preaching: Calvin Miller, my preaching prof, said that many have a hard time remembering the 3 points of a sermon. So he suggested a one point sermon. Andy Stanley makes the same suggestion. These two men have shaped my preaching style

Books that have had an impact: Purpose Driven Church - Rick Warren Preaching For A Change - Andy Stanley Wild At Heart - John Eldridge

Hobbies: Horses, Team Penning/Sorting. Camping

Something funny that happened while preaching: On the way to the stage to preach, a church member pulled me aside to mention that my fly was wide open. Since I was already in front of everyone I did not want to just reach down and zip up my pants. What would I do? I said, "Would everyone bow their heads and close their eyes as we go the Lord in prayer." As I was praying I was also zipping.