• Todd Ernst

    Contributing sermons since Oct 25, 2015
Todd's church

Grace Baptist Church
Greenfield, Ohio 45123

About Todd
  • Education: I had one semester at Bowling Green State University and one year at Liberty University. I will be going back to school at Tennessee Temple as part of their online program.
  • Experience: I started in the ministry as a youth worker/video/audio technician. I learned a lot on the go. I left the youth to build a single adults ministry and moved on from there to a married couples class. Today, I am pastoring a "restart" church and we're struggling. There are a lot of other churches in our tiny town and it's extremely clickish.
  • Family: I have 4 children, 2 in college. The three oldest are girls. We had to keep going until I could get a son.
  • Hobbies: I have always liked karate, but I have fibromyalgia so it's next to impossible. I do go hunting when I get the chance, but the church and work keep me busy.
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Newest Sermons

  • Small But Mighty 2.0 - The Smallest Chapter

    Contributed on Nov 21, 2020

    Big things come in small packages. In this 2nd part in our series, "Small But Mighty", we're looking at Psalm 117 and how you are what God says you are.

    Intro: There’s an old Latin phrase, Parvus Sed Potens, that means “small but mighty”. Today, we would say that little things mean a lot or “something small can have a big impact.” This could be good or bad. It could mean that someone is in need, they may be quarantined or sad and you stop by more

  • Is Allah God?

    Contributed on Oct 25, 2015
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    What is Islam and where did it come from? If it is a religion of peace, how does that compare with what we see in the news? Is Allah simply God by a different name?

    Is Allah God? I’ve been wanting to address the issue of Islam for a while now, but simply never had a chance to get around to it. It’s not exactly a priority in our corner of the world. Chances are slim that you’re going to run into a Muslim in Greenfield. However, we should more