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  • The Impossible Thing - Ii

    Contributed on Mar 29, 2016

    God provided the complete, unexpected victory over Goliath.

    THE IMPOSSIBLE THING - II I Samuel 17:4-11, 16, 20-25 Virg Hurley Sermon, March 20, 2016 David had gone to the battle line; heard Goliath’s roaring challenge to Israel; volunteered to engage him; been outfitted in Saul’s gear and found them wanting; dressed in his homespun and more

  • The Impossible Thing I

    Contributed on Mar 8, 2016

    By trusting God in the past and experiencing victories, David could be assured of confidence and success overcoming succeeding problems. A lesson for each of us.

    THE IMPOSSIBLE THING I Samuel 17:4-11, 16, 20-25 Virg Hurley Sermon, March 6, 2016 Christy Brown was born in 1933 with cerebral palsy. His parents were told that nothing could be done for him. They should put him in an institution. Instead they took him home and loved him. In time Christy more

  • Christ-Likeness Remains Our Presdestined Purpose

    Contributed on Mar 10, 2007
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    The goal of all discipleship is to create Christ-likeness in believers.

    CHRIST-LIKENESS REMAINS OUR PREDESTINED PURPOSE Romans 8:28-39 By late Spring, 1864, the American Civil War reached a military impasse that compromised President Lincoln’s re-election. He wrote a note to that effect, then filed it. General Sheridan’s victories in the Shenandoah Valley and more

  • Persevere To Victory

    Contributed on Feb 15, 2007
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    To help people persevere through the difficulties of discipleship to the victories it provides.

    PERSEVERE TO VICTORY Exodus 5:1-10, 20-21 As if by enchantment Moses materialized from Egypt’s shimmering sands: from a forty year exile; resolute in a God-given commission to liberate Israel; performing signs that convinced their elders and the people. Eye-blinding lightning and more

  • Look Backward, But Go Forward

    Contributed on Feb 8, 2007
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    When we question what way to go, God always commands "Forward".

    Virgil Hurley 3902 Vista Campana North, Unit 1 Oceanside, CA 92057 760-433-6436 Email: LOOK BACKWARD, BUT GO FORWARD Exodus 14:10-15 A recent San Diego Union story featured theoretical physicists debating the existence and meaning of reverse causation—a theory more

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