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A few years ago, back in 1990, the USA was involved in what was known as the Persian Gulf War. Troops took on the Iraqi forces out in the desert of Kuwait. In those two months, January and February, the USA won an outstanding victory, and had relatively few casualties.

One of the interesting things about that war was that the majority of our troops weren’t injured or killed by the enemy. They were the victims of what is called “friendly fire,” from artillery.

Friendly fire is where you are hit by ammunition by your own troops. In other words, it’s where your own soldiers become your worst enemy. You can’t prepare for it, and you never see it coming.

Right now in the church today, our biggest enemies aren’t from outside, they’re from within. The weapons that are used aren’t rifles and missiles. It’s our own words and attitudes. A lot of fellow church members are seriously wounded because the results of friendly fire. Nonbelievers avoid some of our churches because they know they’ll be landing in the middle of a war zone.

How many of our church folk become victims of friendly fire? How many times have you been a victim of friendly fire? More important, how many times have you attacked a fellow brother or sister with friendly fire?

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