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Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones, who were "on the outs" over a very trivial matter. This deeply concerned Deacon Brown, so he prayed that he might be a peacemaker.

He called on Smith and asked, "What do you think of Jones?"

"He's the meanest crank in the neighborhood!"

"But," said Brown, "you have to admit that he's very kind to his family."

The next day Brown went to Jones and inquired, "Do you know what Smith said about you?"

"No, but I can imagine how that scamp would lie about me!"

"This may surprise you, but he said you're very kind to your family."

"What! Did Smith say that?"

"Yes, he did."

"Well, if you hadn't told me, I wouldn't believe it."

"What do you think of Smith?" asked Deacon Brown.

"Truthfully, I believe he's a lowdown scalawag, but you have to admit that he's very honest in business."

"Yes, there's no getting around that; in business he's a man you can trust."

The next day Brother Brown called on Smith again. "You know what Jones said about you? He claims you're a fellow that really can be trusted in business, and that you're ...

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