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Our moms are a lot like “Spiderman”. Already that new movie is touted as no. 1 movie for this summer on CNN, beating out “Star Wars Episode 2.” According to CNN, “Of all the superheroes, Spider-Man has always been a little more human than the rest. He doesn’t fly; he swings. … Even when it comes to the ladies, he struggles. Is it any wonder it’s so easy to relate to him?” That’s just why moms are #1 on our list. Just like Spiderman she swings into action for us. Yet she is very much human, she may not fly (maybe off the handle a bit at times) but she sure can swing it when it comes to getting the minivan, without forgetting to buckle us in our seats, to soccer practice/ music lesson and cook/help with homework and wanting the best for us kids. Like any human, she may struggle but she will never be voted off, she’s like the ultimate Survivor whom we love and adore.

In scripture we find a mom just like that… She swung into action for her boys.

Listen in to the story… as we hear a mother’s desire…

Matt.20:20-21 (NIV)

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