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Near Haifa, rescue workers picked up the pieces of eight Israelis slaughtered on a bus. And at the Nablus camp, frightened Palestinian mothers comforted their children and watched their husbands and sons led away by Israeli soldiers in a mass arrest. Both sides grieved, as they have for the past 18 months, yet both seemed oblivious to the other’s pain.

"Thank God," said 15-year-old Ahmed Attalla, when asked what he thought of the Palestinian suicide attack near the Israeli coastal town of Haifa.

"I hope there will be more operations like that," he added, watching the men of his camp line up to be detained. "They will never break our will." Friday Apr. 12, 2002, Ahmed’s hate filled request was granted as a female suicide bomber killed at least six people and wounded 84 near a crowded market in Jerusalem. Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade, the militant faction of Yasser Arafat’s Fatah party, claimed responsibility.

More and more we hear “let’s get even”, rather than “Let’s get along” is heard.

Yes our human history is a sad story of people not getting along with people.

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