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I remember when I was a kid and this is true for the vast majority of boys and quite a few girls, getting covered in mud, a rugby game, a decent sized puddle, a building site, mud fights, mud pies any excuse was an opportunity for a wallow.

I thought it was great, my mates thought it was great and our Mums thought it was anything but great.

“Don’t think you’re coming in here Andrew Moffatt,” she was serious “Andrew William - she was really serious! You take those muddy clothes off on the back lawn and hose yourself down before you come anywhere near the house!” “But Mum”, “Don’t but me boy, just do it!”

It didn’t matter that it was about two degrees and the water from the hose was freezing if I wanted inside, if I wanted to get into the shower and into warm dry clothes my options were limited. I did it.

I don’t think it was just because Mum has a bit of German ancestry that this occurred, I think this is pretty common to Mumkind.

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