Text Illustrations
The other week as I was entering the front entrance of my home a foul smell became very evident to me – I knew what it was immediately as it wasn’t the first time, my drains were blocked! You see were an end terrace and our corner house not only serves our own home when it comes to the drains, but also the rest of the row in the block.

In these circumstances I knew the action I had to take but I can assure you it wasn’t out of choice but rather necessity I picked up the rods lifted the manhole cover and took a deep breath, but I couldn’t hold my breath any longer the obnoxious smell was engulfed and overtime I suppose you just get used to it.

And this got me thinking about sin in our lives, it’s a bit like the blockage in the drains I was experiencing, we don’t realize anything is wrong so often because sin commences from underneath in the heart. But overtime we start to smell something which isn’t quite right in our lives, it might be to do with a bad temper, immoral actions, a lying tongue, modern day idolatry, selfishness, deceit and so on. You see these things can become a bad smell in our lives and if not dealt with we can become immune to them we know there bad but we get used to it, acclimatized to the status quo just like I did with smell from the drain.

But at this point radical action is called for in the case of the drains, I had to grab the rods and plunge it deep down into the heart of the man hole plunging the hole to clear the blockage after much sweat the blockage was cleared and the excrement flowed and the foul odour dissipated, The rods had done the job .

So it is with our sin we have to get deep down into the human heart to deal with our own depravity, and understand where the bad odours in our lives are coming from. We then need to grab onto the cross of Christ the only instrument that will clear the blockage of human sin, here we need to take radical action and repent of our sin and believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins on that cross at Calvary. This is the place where Jesus Christ unblocked the foulest sewers of our hearts. Then in time you will notice those once held smells will dissipate, the blockage will be cleared because the blood of Christ cleanses us from all sin.

Source: Aubrey Vaughan sermon Rom :1:18-32. Deepening depravity