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A few years ago I was made aware of how much we all depend upon light in our lives, it was brought home to me one winters night, when a power cut hit Wigston it plummeted the whole area into darkness. I was in the middle of preparing sermon notes at the time and I couldn’t see a thing, the rest of the family were downstairs playing a board game as a result of being plummeted into darkness we all became totally disorientated by the whole affair.I stumbled downstairs watching my step drawn to the cupboard under the stairs thumbled my way to the shelf, until my hands came upon the candles and matches. When I eventually managed to light the candles it restored order and light into the home the children could carry on with their board game, I could carry on with my sermon notes, the light brought order out of the confusion of darkness.

This is exactly what Isaiah is saying here that there is a coming wonder, a coming light which is going to bring light where there has been v1 gloom and distress.

Aubrey Vaughan

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