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“A Lighthouse Lesson”

A friend told us that he was visiting a lighthouse lately, and he said to the keeper, “Are you not afraid to live here? It is a dreadful place to be in constantly.”

“No,” replied the man, “I am not afraid; we never think of ourselves here.”

“Never think of yourselves! How is that?”

The reply was a good one: “We know that we are perfectly safe, and only think of having our lamps brightly burning, and keeping the reflectors clear, so that those in danger may be saved.”

This is what Christians ought to do. They are safe in a house built on a Rock which cannot be moved by the wildest storm; and in a spirit of holy unselfishness they should let their light gleam across the dark waters of sin, that they who are imperiled may be guided into the harbors of eternal safety.

----------------------------The Quiver

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