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Perhaps you’re thinking to yourself, “These sound like the descriptions of a true Christian. Can a person really look like this outwardly and still only be an “almost” Christian? John Wesley was born into a Christian family, the son of an Anglican minister. He was brought up not only respecting the Christian religion, but himself embodying it. At the age of 22 he was ordained as a deacon and began preaching. Three years later he was fully ordained as a priest in the Anglican church. Over the course of the next ten years he busied himself with teaching and ministry in such places as Oxford University and even as a wanna-be missionary to Savannah, Georgia at which he ultimately failed, and returned to England disgraced.

John Wesley was a devoutly religious person, living a religious life, preaching religious sermons, teaching religious thought, leading a religious small group called “The Holy Club.” But by his own admission, he was an “almost” Christian. It wasn’t until May 24th, 1738, after 13 years of “Christian” ministry, at the age of 35 that John Wesley became “completely” Christian.

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