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There are churches that have parking problems and others that don’t. Some churches have kids running around making a lot of noise, and some churches tend to be very quiet. Some churches usually have more expenses than money, and then there are other’s who don’t need to spend much money because not much is going on. Some churches are growing so fast you don’t always know everybody’s name; in other churches everyone has known everybody’s name for years. There are churches that enthusiastically and generously support missions, and then there are others who keep it all at home. Some churches are filled with those who tithe; some other churches are filled with tippers. Some churches evangelize, some fossilize. Some churches are always planning for the future, and some live in the past. Some churches seek out new ministries and new methods, while others don’t want to. And some people pray for their church, others never quite get around to it. All of these things mentioned are works.

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