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*I read a story of a soldier in WWI who was so distraught with the war that he deserted!

* Tried to find his way to the coast so he could catch a boat, make his way back home to England.

* In the darkness of the night he stumbled on a road sign. * It was so dark and he was so lost, he

had no idea what the sign said and decided to climb the pole.

* When he got to the crossbeam, he held on to read the sign!

* Took out a match, lit it, and looked directly into the face of Jesus.

* He had climbed an outdoor crucifix!

* Stunned by what he saw, he realized the shame of his life!

* He was looking into the face of the One who had endured it all and had never turned back.

* The next morning, the soldier was back in the trenches.

* You and I tonight need to look into the face of the One who endured all the punishment and

shame of our sin and never turned back.

* And as we look into His face, we must ask ourselves, “Am I totally loyal to the One who is

totally loyal to me?”

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