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Ravi Zacharias is one of the most prominent and effective Christian speakers and writers of our time. Once Ravi was doing a lecture at Ohio State U. As he was being driven to the auditorium, the driver went past the new Wexner Art Center.

The driver said, "This is a brand new art building for OSU. It a most fascinating building. It is designed in the post-modernist view of reality. The building doesn't make sense. There is no pattern to it. There are staircases that don't go anywhere. There are pillars that don't join any surfaces. It is a random, mindless design.”

The architect said he designed the center to reflect what life was about. It didn't go anywhere, it was mindless, senseless. Ravi turned to the man describing it and said, "Did he do the same thing with the foundation?"

You can get away with doing random, senseless things with the infrastructure, but you can't do that with the foundation. People are doing similar things with a world view that ultimately doesn't make sense. Once you begin tampering with the foundations, you begin to see the serious effects of all that.

The foundations of our culture are in jeopardy. They are not providing coherent sets of answers anymore.

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