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Some may remember an experience I shared in our Vineyard Voice newsletter last year. I had begun a personal tradition on Christmas Eve after the Christmas Eve service, of making a large amount of hot cider and taking it to all the homeless I could find on the corners and crevices of town. On this particularly cold Christmas Eve I pulled up along the Palisades bluffs on Ocean Avenue. I began walking down along the bluffs. When I was about a block from my old VW van… I looked back and saw the door was open and someone was in the front. As I approached I caught the intruder by surprise… going through my glove compartment. As he leapt out I discovered he was a young man bearly 20 years old. He was scared and seemed to have a good sense of the consequences of what he had just been caught in the act of doing. I was rather confrontive at first. The potential for police involvement and his arrest was probably running through both our minds. And then I simply said… “Get in the car. You’re going to help me deliver hot cider tonight.” And he did. And he knew all the hot spots… the hiding spots. And each time he jumped out of the van and took someone a cup of cider his face just lit of more as he told them it was from Jesus. And I heard the Lord say, “Here it is. Here is your Christmas.”

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