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Now that the New Year is right around the corner there are those infomercials that tout great fitness. It seems that each year the machines get weirder. Hang upside down, spin 360 degrees then throw up. That loses about 5 lbs. Then there are those that bend you like a pretzel while listening to Rap Music. On one we have a drill sergeant trying to get you to do 1,000 push ups when you can only do 10. There are those machines that isolate a particular part of the body. I like the machine that shocks your stomach muscles into oblivion while making a cappuccino at the same time.

It seems that each year we try to make things easier and easier to get into shape. I have found that the only way to get into shape is just SIMPLE plain hard work and sweat. There are no shortcuts to success. But if you watch TV and any media it is all about shortcuts. I think they are working on one machine that exercises you body while you are asleep. You take an Ambien which knocks you out and then you let the machine take over. OK ...

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