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When I’m at the pizza buffet and I’ve already had more than enough to eat, and I know there’s a good chance another slice will make me miserable for the next 3-4 hours and I eat it anyway .... I lack self control.

When I decide to stay up late and play video games or surf the internet, knowing full well that I have to be up early the next morning and I’ll be so tired I’ll feel sick all day .... I lack self control.

When I procrastinate doing my taxes, leaving myself in a last minute panic to get it done .... I lack self control.

When I spend, spend, spend and never save ... I lack self control.

When I watch 5 hours of TV a day, but spend only a few minutes in Bible study and prayer .... I lack self control.

When I choose the pleasures of sin, enjoying them for a short time ... forfeiting the long term and eternal blessings of living in obedience to Christ, I lack self control.

Self control is the ability to choose wise actions. If we are going to put our hope in heaven, we will ...

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