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Alan told me a story about one time when Miss Tean called him and said she had made a big batch of banana pudding and he should come get some. He asked if there would be enough, and of course she had made a huge batch, and Brother Joe T couldn’t eat it all. In a few days he went by there to get some pudding and Joe T asked what he was doing there. He said he was there for some banana pudding. Of course that made Joe T mad, and he said there wasn’t enough. But of course Miss Tean sent him home with some pudding. Well a while later she called again saying she had made a couple chocolate pies and that he needed to come by and get him a slice or two. And of course he did. This made Joe T fuming mad, yelling and screaming saying the only time you come by is to get banana pudding or chocolate pie. He still got some pie.

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