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U.S. Divorce Statistics

(1997 except where noted)

Total divorces granted: 1,163,000

Rate per 1,000 population (1999): (excluding CA, CO, IN and LA) 4.1

State with the lowest divorce rate: Massachusetts. Rate per 1,000 population: 2.4

State with the higest divorce rate: Nevada. Rate per 1,000 population: 9.0

Current number of divorced adults (1998): 19,400,000 (9.8%)

Median age at divorce: Males: 35.6

Females: 33.2

Median duration of marriage: 7.2 years

Likelihood of new marriages ending in divorce: 43%

Percentage of all householders who are unmarried (2000): 48%

Percentage of weddings which are remarriages for at least one partner: 43%

Percentage of first marriages that end in divorce: 50%

Percentage of remarriages that end in divorce: 60%

Estimated average cost of divorce: $15,000

Estimated average length of divorce proceedings: 1 year

Average age at first divorce: Males: 35

Females: 33

Average age of those divorcing from their second marriages: Males: 42

Females: 39

People aged 25 to 39 make up 60% of all divorces, as of 1993.

(Source: Divorce Magazine)

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