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Last year Professor [Robert] George [of Princeton] debated abortion at a

convention of the American Political Science

Association. His opponent was well-known

deconstructionist Stanley Fish. In published

articles, Fish had dismissed arguments against

abortion as based on "religious conviction" alone,

while suggesting that the case for abortion is based

on "scientific facts."

But George argued that, on the contrary, what science

supports is the pro-life view, by demonstrating that

the fetus is fully human. Sonogram pictures show the

unborn child responding to stimuli, and doctors are

performing surgery on babies in the womb. Today the

pro-life position can be supported by empirical

evidence that is accessible to everyone.

Before the convention, George sent his paper to

Stanley Fish, and when the debate opened, Fish

shocked the assembled professors by throwing his

paper on the table and announcing, "Professor George

is right, and he is right to correct me. Today the

prolife position is supported by scientific


The audience sat in stunned silence.

Chuck Colson 7/27/01 Breakpoint Article

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