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What are some of the excuses you might have come up with to try and cover something you did, or didn’t, do? Here is a partial list of real excuses that were listed in a recent teen magazine for why students didn’t go to school.

Please excuse Tom for being absent on Jan. 30-31-32 and 33.

Please excuse Cynthia for missing school yesterday. I took her to the doctor and they shot her.

Timothy couldn’t go to school yesterday. I kept him home with Larry and Jitus.

And of course, the one I came up with when I was in middle school. Mrs. Sanderson was the school secretary. I called her and in my deepest voice, I said, “Please excuse Bruce for being absent today. I am sick and my dad is taking me to the doctor.”

In a very level and calm voice, she said, “You have 20 minutes to get here, Bruce.” I said, “Okay” and ran to school.

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