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We used to live in this small farming town north of Manhattan. Down the street from our house was a sweet-natured and friendly family with a strange habit. They never seemed to throw anything away. They had completely filled their front porch with bags of trash and it wasn't long before their yard and driveway were completely full of trash, broken refrigerators, stoves, worn out sofas, lawn movers and a car--and they didn't drive.

And then one morning a sign was posted on their front door that read, 'Moved Nest Door.' And they had--they had moved 'nest' door--literally next door! It seems the inside of their house was just as full of clutter and trash as the yard and so they had no choice but to move.

Sometimes our lives can be that way--so cluttered with junk and trash that normal life seems impossible. We'll talk about needing a fresh start or a clean break--we'll want to just pick up and move 'nest' door. They moved, but you know they took some of their old trash with them, and it wasn't long until their new house was as trashy as the old one!! Moving 'nest' door--wanting a fresh start or a clean break with the past--is sometimes just what we need. But unless some deep change takes place at the level of our very being, we end up cluttering up our lives with the same sort of junk and trash as before.

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