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: “the Human Fly” (pp.18,19, A ...

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Jun 19, 2001
Illus.: “The Human Fly” (pp.18,19, A Treasury of Inspirational Illustrations, Earl C. Willer)

Some years ago, a so-called “human fly” went to Los Angeles. It was announced that on a certain day he would climb up the face of one of the large department store buildings. Thousands gathered to watch him perform this seemingly impossible feat. Slowly and carefully he made his way upward, now clinging to a jutting brick, again to a cornice. Up and up he went. At last he was near the top. He was seen to feel to right and left and above his head for something firm enough to support his weight. And soon he seemed to spy what looked like a gray bit of stone or discolored brick protruding from the smooth wall. He reached for it but it was just beyond him. He ventured all and leaped for it. But before the horrified eyes of the spectators, fell to the ground and was broken to pieces. In his dead hand was found a spider’s web! He had mistaken it for a stone.

What a lesson for those who will only stop and think. While human efforts We as a people need to stop grasping for things that are unstable and anchor ourselves to the God who has our destiny in His hands.

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