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Text Illustrations
I love the 23rd Psalms where it says "Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me. all the days of my life." I imagine two angels, one named goodness and one named mercy, and everywhere I go they follow me, and protect me. I had the chance to experience this first hand. I was travelling to Chicago, Il and saw an elderly man and his wife pulled over to the side of the road in thier truck waving for help. So of course I stopped and asked what was wrong. The elderly man told me he was a pastor, and he and his wife were on thier way to a town up the road, and were about to run out of gas, and was wondering could I give him a ride to the nearest gas station. I said "Sure, but since he had not ran out of gas yet, I suggested that he get back in his truck, and drive towards the next station, and I would follow behind them, and if he ran out of gas, I would take him to get gas from there, but at least we would be closer. He agreed and thanked me. We drove over 20 miles, and I watched him as he would look in his rear view mirror and wave to me, as I followed him. The truck never did run out of gas, we made it all the way to the gas station. At the station he thanked me again, and said "Just knowing you were behind us, just in case we did run out of gas, allowed my wife and I to drive without worry because we knew you were behind us." It’s that how God works also. Surely Goodness and Mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.