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Do you remember last summer’s amazing rescue of the nine miners trapped in the Quecreek mine in Pennsylvania? I remember staying up into the early morning hours and watching as they were hauled out of the darkness to safety one-by-one. But the rescue was anything but easy. A drill bit broke in the rescue shaft they had started to drill. They couldn’t get the broken pieces out so after a new one was flown in they had to start another shaft. Communications ceased with the minders for a while and the miners themselves almost gave up and wrote notes to their loved ones.

Thinking of all the energy and effort that went into this feat. Watching the celebration of those who had labored for days on end. I couldn’t help but wonder why such an effort doesn’t seem to be extended to those who are trapped here in North Portland. Trapped in lifestyles that are addictive or abusive. Trapped in a sense of hopelessness. Trapped in habits that degrade themselves and others. Trapped in selfishness and greed. Trapped in what the Bible calls sin. When you drive home realize that literally thousands of homes all around us are in danger of drowning and are loss in darkness. And most don’t even have a clue to what they are facing.

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