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A blacksmith, about 8 years after his conversion to Christ, was asked by an unbeliever, "Why is it you have so much trouble? I have been watching you since you trusted Christ as your Savior and began to 'walk square' and seem to love everybody, and you seem to have twice as many trials and accidents as you had before. I thought that when a man gave himself to God his troubles were over."

The blacksmith replied, "Do you see this piece of steel? It is for the springs of a carriage, but it need to be 'tempered.' I heat it again, then I hammer it and bend it and shape it so it will be suitable for the carriage. Often I find the steel too brittle and it cannot be used. If so, I throw it on the scrap heap. Those scraps are worth less that a cent a pound, but this carriage spring is valuable. God saves us for something more than to have a good time. We have the good time all right, but He wants us for service, just as I want this piece of steel, and He puts the temper of Christ in us by testings and trials. Ever since I saw this I have been saying to Him, 'Lord, test me in any way you choose, but don't throw me on the scrap heap!'"

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