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Susie is one of the most trustworthy people I know; I trust her with my life. Imagine she is in a long line at the bank. The individual behind her is holding $1,000 cash with a completed deposit ticket. This person is obviously anxious and in a hurry, so Susie politely offers to help; “if you are just depositing your money I could take care of it for you.” What do you think the odds are for a complete stranger to hand over $1,000 and then go on with their day without giving a second thought to their money? Yet is Susie any less trustworthy if the individual refuses to give her his/her money to deposit? No, the person just has not learned to trust Susie. (You say, “What are the odds of something like that happening?” I handed my deposit to a woman at the bank while I was waiting in line on Friday for her to take care of for me.)

Trust doesn’t come naturally to any of us; trust has to be learned. In the same way we learn to trust our parents or other people in our lives we must also learn to trust God.

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