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During my undergraduate studies some years ago, I interviewed a lady whose religious belief was a hybrid of different religions. She spoke of trying to climb to a higher consciousness as her spiritual guide (which was an apparition that looked like an embryo with thousands of tentacles protruding from its form) led her to deeper awareness of life and self.

Glenys took part in the interview with me, since she had several opportunities to sit in this woman’s home and share fruit juice together on previous occasions! We asked our questions and explored this fascinating woman. When we left my heart was troubled and filled with questions. We watched this woman on a few occasions as she exhibited a wonderfully gentle spirit, amazing patience and seemed to reflect a deep joy-filled attitude toward life and every breathing microcosm.

My story? Many experiences of stress, moods, anger, and impatience. I am ashamed to say it. I walked away questioning, “If I have the answer in Jesus, why does she seem happier than me? Why does she have the joy?"

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