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Text Illustrations
Select Stats on Change:

In the 1950’s:

-a car cost $1,220

-gas $0.23

-College Tuition- $525

-round of golf @ Pebble Beach $2

-Coke, Hershey bar, coffe- $0.05

-stamp $.03

-Annual Salary for a teacher $2,640

-computer $500,000

It took the radio 40 years to reach 50 million domestic users. It took TV 14 years to reach that number, and the internet only 4 years.

In 1969 there were only 4 primative web sites.

in 1990 there were 330,000

Today there are over 10,000,000

There are over 120 million unsaved people in the United States. That makes the US the third largest mission field in the world behind only China and India.