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Text Illustrations
A man is walking past the field of a farmer with a cow on a roap. The farmer says, "Hey mister, where ya goin with thet there cow?’

The man replies, "I’m takin it to town to sell it."

The farmer says, " You mean if it’s the Lords will you are."

The man says , "Well it’s my cow and I recon I can do anything I want with it and it ain’t any of the Lord’s business."

A short time later the farmer looks up and sees the man coming back the other way very bloody and beaten up.

"What happened to you?" the farmer asks.

"Oh just down the road three guys jumped out of the bushes, stole my cow, beat me up and left me for dead."

The famer says, "Oh no! What are you gonna do now."

"I’m going home to clean up." the man replies - "If it’s the Lords will."

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