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On the wall beside my desk I have a 1996 poster size Tim Horton’s Coffee calendar, which I took and had dry mounted, so it would last forever. The picture above the months shows a father wearing a goalie stick and gloves guarding a hockey net that stands in front of the garage door of the family home. The ball is in the net and the son is jumping with arms and stick raised above his head in celebration of the goal. What makes the shot so great however is the garage door itself, which is absolutely covered with marks from where the shots have been fired and missed. This is a scene that father and son have played out over and over again. Above the photo is the Tim Horton’s slogan “You’ve always got time for Tim Horton’s.” As a father of three boys it hangs by my desk as a constant reminder of just what really matters and what I always have time for. (My sons, not the coffee. Well actually both if I’m honest.) Never forget the meter is running. They will never be eight or ten or twelve years old again. Don’t miss it!

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