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Quoting from John Haggai’s book, The Seven Secrets of Effective Business Relationships:

"When Forbes Magazine interviewed the Chinese industrialist, Robert Kuok, they made the following observation:

’Kuok may not be the biggest player in Asia. We estimate his family’s net worth to be at least $7 billion. But for sheer versatility, imagination and ability to get things done, [Kuok] has no peer.

’What would take us [Americans] 18 to 24 months [in China], Kuok’s Kerry Group could do in 2 months,’ says John Farrell, president of Coca-Cola China Ltd. ’His whole life has been built around building networks with overseas Chinese and in China. [Kuok’s] Kerry Group’s ability to do things fast is incredible.’"

Haggai continues by noting, "Relatedness is a feature of Chinese culture - a network across the Pacific Rim know as the ’guanxi.’" To be "in Christ" is to have the spiritual guanxi with God that opens the vault of Heaven.

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