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Has anyone ever told a fish story before? Well, I was stationed in Alaska where I had the opportunity of a lifetime to fish for Alaska King Salmon. And let me tell you they get B-I-G! In fact I caught one King Salmon that was this (stretching arms out fully)

big….ok my wife says I should be honest with you folks. It was really this big (stretching arms out even farther). Just kidding. I want to talk with you about another fisherman I know named Peter. He was what you would call a fisherman extraordinaire. As with all fishermen when we cannot seem to catch any we never assume it is operator error.

You know I spoke of my time in Alaska but let me tell you the rest of the story. While I was there I had an opportunity to do some dip netting one weekend with two church friends. The first day we were there we went around the edges of the river and caught absolutely nothing. The next morning my friend and I decided we would go out to the middle of the river and search the deep water. In one hour we had both caught our limits on both Red and King Salmon. We had filed five large onion bags with fish and could not believe it. It was only after going into the deep water where the big fish were that we caught anything.

Deepening our faith means going into the uncomfortable.

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