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A headline in USA Today said, "We’re Heading Into Something Big -- But What?" In the article it said "Standing at the front edge of history can be disconcerting. This year feels like just such a point in time. The stock market disaster, the wreckage in the technology industry, the stutter-stepping presidential election -- they all have that teetering quality. Could lead to something great. Could just as easily be horribly awful. One way or another, there’s momentousness in the air. Almost everything.....seems to say so. We’re hanging. Waiting. The tectonic plates of civilization have been storing up potential energy and are about to let it rip. We’re a little uneasy with the tumult of the past year, and more than a little unsure of what comes next."

This appeared in USA Today in 1999, over 8 years ago...The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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