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Once there was a young girl who had just got her driver’s licence and was quickly popping down the grocery store for her mum. She hadn’t been driving long and didn’t have much experience behind the wheel. It was a wet day and as she came to the intersection that turned towards her house there was some wet leaves that had blown out into the road. She skidded on the wet leaves and slid into a tree. She was thrown into the steering wheel with her chest and her head went through the wind shield. The car door opened and she fell out on the ground.

Her mother was in the front garden and saw the entire thing. She ran down the street frantically, fell down beside the wreck and pulled her daughter’s bleeding face up into her hand. As she looked down into her daughter’s face, little girl looked up at her mother and said, "Mum, I’m going to die. Mum, I’m going to die." Her mother responded, "No you’re not honey! You’re not going to die! Everything is going to be alright, just stay calm."

A neighbour ran out and the mother yelled, "Call an ambulance." The neighbour ran back in and called for help. The daughter said again , "Mum, I going to die." The mother again replied by saying, "No you’re not honey." The girl kept saying she was going to die and her Mother tried to reassure her.

What that young teenage girl said haunts me. The little girl looked up at her mother and said, "Mum, you taught me how to dress. Mum, you taught me how to put on my makeup. Mum, you even taught me how to dance. But Mum, you never taught me how to die!" And she died in her mother’s arms.

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