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In a former church I served, a mother started reading the Bible to her young son. A few weeks later they were reading from the Gospel of John. When she read John 3:16, her son commented, "Oh, I know this. This is an old one..." Being familiar with a Scripture can do that to us. We can "know" it so well that we feel we know all there is to know about it. And we find ourselves blinded to a God-inspired meaning we are intended to find within the passage.

Some time ago, I was reading my daily devotion. That day’s Scripture was the prodigal son. In my years of ministry, I have preached on this text many times. I’ve studied the passage. I’ve read commentaries on its meaning. I’ve outlined the message. Do you know what I found myself doing that morning? I said, "Oh, I know this. It’s an old one." And I skipped through the Scripture, hurrying on to the devotional thoughts. You see, familiarity closed my mind to the message God would have had for me in his word. I consciously had to return and reread the passage to allow God to express the Scripture’s intention for me.

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