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I was driving down the expressway the other day, nobody in front of me, nobody behind me, and this lady came speeding up the ramp. She cut me off, and pushed me out of my lane.

Now, without God in my life I might have got on the horn and just held my ground, or I might have sped past her, and as soon as I cleared her bumper, cut back into her lane, possibly causing a wreck, and we won’t even get into what I might have said, or done while I was passing her.

Maybe she was late to work, it could be that she had an emergency, a crisis or you know what she could have had a child in there who needed immediate medical attention, it could be that she just didn’t see me.

Let’s see,,, have I ever been not paying attention and accidentally pulled out in front of somebody? I probably wouldn’t have thought about that, and if I didn’t have God in my life I’m sure I wouldn’t have seen her bumper sticker, WWJD “what would Jesus do” I thought, surly He wouldn’t have just pulled out in front of me without looking, but,

As irritating as that is, it’s only a minor problem. It’s one of those minor problems though, that can escalate into a major problem. We’ve seen it on TV and read it in the paper, where a minor traffic incident has escalated into wrecks, and violence, even death.

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