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When I was a teenager my older brother took on a vacation to New Orleans. I remember walking down Bourbon Street seeing the places of sin that lined that street. As we walked along the street men stood outside the bars swinging the doors open inviting everyone to take a look inside, saying; “come on in and enjoy yourself”. The devil is doing the same thing today, he’s standing outside the wide gate swinging open the door inviting everyone to go in and have the time of there life. He says, “you work hard all week your too tired to be involved with a church - you’ve been hurt before by church their all just a bunch of hypocrites – it’s all just harmless fun, besides everybody is doing it – look at what all the world has to offer you”. And when we stop and listen, he hooks us and drags us in before we ever even know what happened.

As we made our way through the rest of New Orleans there was this old Catholic Cathedral. No one was standing outside, swinging the doors open inviting us to come in. No lights were flashing, no music was playing, and large crowds weren’t making their way in and out. It just silently stood there with a few people slowly making their way in and out. Isn’t that the way the church is today? The pull of the world is so loud and overwhelming to everyone, while the church sites silently off to the side. “...and only a few find it.”

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