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If you were going to a sporting event, or concert what we would be the best seats? If you were going to a basketball game it would be center court front row. If it were football it would be the 50-yard line, front row. If it were a concert it would be center stage, front row. But, if it were Sunday morning church service, it wouldn’t be the front pew. The back pews always fill up before the front pews in church. The best seats in church always seem to be near the back. Regardless of were you set in church, this should be were we all get a front row seat with God. I’m not saying you can’t see God in nature, and through everyday events in our life. We should see God all around us and in all the events of our life, but here in church, is were we should get the best view. This is were all the distractions and obstacles in our life should take the back seat while our relationship with God takes the front seat.

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