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Michael had been pinching pennies for 3 months since being laid off from his job. He’d promised to take his twin sons to an amusement park for the 10th birthday, and he wasn’t going to let them down. So when the day rolled around, Michael went into the cash reserves and pulled together enough to pay the price of admission. At the ticket counter, he noticed a sign. “General admission- $10. Children under 10- $5.” He hesitated for a second. Just a day earlier he could have saved $5 for each of the boys- a lot of money to a man without a job. “Can I help you?” asked the ticket clerk. Michael swallowed and said, “Three general admission tickets, please.” “We’re 10 years old today,” the boys said enthusiastically. “You should have asked for two ‘under 10’ tickets,” the clerk whispered. “I’d never have known.” “No,” Michael answered. “But they would have.”

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