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Novelist Herman Wouk has written of a meeting he had with David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first president. Ben Gurion urged him to move to the newly established nation. This was 1955, and terrorists were still bringing regular bloodshed to the citizens. Ben Gurion had left office and had begun his memoirs by this time. He invited Wouk and his wife for a visit to his home, where they talked for hours. At the end of the visit, he renewed his invitation to come live in Israel. “Here you will be free,” he said. The Wouks had arrived with an escort operating a mounted machine gun, watching for terrorists. “Free?” Wouk asked. “With your road impassable after sundown?” “I did not say safe,” replied Ben Gurion. “I said free.” What we want is courage dependent on earthly security; what we need is courage based on heavenly security. We want comfort, but God gives us something better: freedom. Because our eternal destiny is settled, because this world is in the hands of God, we can be free from anxiety if we only have the faith.

From Dr. David Jeremiah’s book, Living with Confidence in a Chaotic World, chapter 9 Stay Committed, pg. 204

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